What is FS VIP Buyers’ Club?

FS VIP Buyers’ Club is a club joined by managers/ decision makers from well-known garment brands and selected fashion buyers. It is more than a gathering; rather, it is an efficient platform where buyers are ready to share industry news and expertise within the fraternity, where buyers and premium suppliers can exchange ideas, and where two parties together make business deals happen and together encourage the development of the clothing industry. Here, you, buyers can find the right suppliers without much efforts. By joining the club, you can enjoy the prior services including free hotel and other VIP services.

How to be an FS VIP Buyer?

1)Senior managers from influential brand garment companies;
2)Decision makers of the sourcing dept. from garment online business platform or trading companies;
3)Responsibles from selected stores and boutiques and Distributors, agents and retailers;
4)Those who have clear requirements of and decision-making power over the purchase of apparel fabrics/ accessories, ready-to-wear, and other related goods.

  • Part of members of FS VIP Buyers’ Club( Listed in no particular order.) ELLASSAY (+LOGO)
    EEKA (+LOGO)
    Marisfrolg (+LOGO)
    Broadcast (+LOGO)
    UR (+LOGO)
    HLA (+LOGO)
    E•P (+LOGO)
    JNBY (+LOGO)
What surprises are waiting for you at the Club?
  • Opportunity for FS Business Matching
  • Invitation to FS Party
  • Free recommended five-star hotel
  • Access to VIP Louge
  • Prior participation in concurrent activities
  • Prior participation in FS offline orderings/ exchanges
  • If interested, please contact Miss Pan: Tel: 13570646050 Emaiil: lylm@fashionsource.cn