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17 brilliant precipitation, witness the history of the clothing industry in the surging clouds and countless wonderful moments. FASHION SOURCE Shenzhen international garment / textile accessories OEM / Accessories Expo as one of the largest China OEM apparel exhibition, China three textile accessories exhibition, downstream industries docking focus on the whole industry chain Chinese clothing.
And in this many people watched annual event, &ldquo Gold Award; silk ” as a special part of popularity as its name shines. After 2016 the first financial award held highly recognized by the industry, the second annual FASHION SOURCE AWARDS award gold silks based on last year on the re optimization and upgrading, to build a financial award annual event in the industry focused apparel supply chain for the vision, set sail again.
The famous big coffee industry + + professional bodies, senior media formed a powerful jury lineup, establish professional stage high and incomparable gold FASHION SOURCE AWARDS gold silk award. FASHION SOURCE AWARDS &ldquo to promote the silk Gold Award; Chinese apparel supply chain innovation and development of ” for the purpose of the selection of enterprises and individuals to make outstanding contributions to the annual China clothing industry supply chain. Mainly for the national enterprises (clothing, accessories, yarn manufacturing factories, accessories and related products), independent designers, service platform, information software and apparel supply chain business solicitation awards were “ the most influential brand supplier award, ” “ &rdquo, &ldquo Innovation Award; quality excellence awards; ” “ apparel supply chain, the year ” and the highest honor award, &ldquo Gold Award; silk ”.
The hot, small places waiting, waiting for you to come! At present, in the FASHION SOURCE comprehensive high-quality resource integration professional background and influence, has attracted a large number of downstream enterprises, and platform independent designers to participate in September 30, 2017 shortly after the deadline, there is a small amount of Time will not wait for me. places, welcome to the national garment industry upstream and downstream enterprises to actively apply, to share this wonderful event people's clothing!
1. Associated Media activities collect page special stickers to participate in local
2. FASHION SOURCE Expo official micro signal: intertex88, enter the event page to submit the data;
3. visit the official website of FASHION SOURCE: www.fashionsource.cn enters the activity page, click &ldquo, register for &rdquo, and fill in the information according to the prompts.
For details, please call: 400-1727-886 consulting.