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Feeling of deja vu, that is a little warm, a little strange, maybe all meet, sometimes is so comfortable and natural... >
Whispering, whispers, ears, continual, is printed on the heart.
Micro smoked, flowers look half open, drink drunk, neither friendly nor aloof, also seems far nearly.
This should be Whispering micro smoked on the design of the connotation of expression, want to convey the voice.
Feel natural, free
The flowers should be in when it is in early puberty, drinking drunk drunk best, in order to achieve the distance like neither friendly nor aloof, comfortable dimensions, micro smoked products always put people in the first place, the use of three-dimensional cutting way version structure, anti traditional women's styles are straight lines, dresses, and unauthorized use of natural fabrics.

2017 spring and summer series, that's the case. The 100% natural linen material, fabric have been repeatedly selected, and in order to guarantee the comfort of clothing, all fabrics are used washing process, complicated work, only one pierre.

In order to show the heart of the best clothing mentality, Song Lihui adhere to the unique design concept, only to do their own creative design. With simple lines, comfortable touch to show people's character and heart, through the details of the design to express the desire for a full, free, new spiritual life.

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