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Besides the FS VIP buyers club, I heard that there are still parties to sign up.


recently , FS are actively visiting, inviting well-known brands to become members of the VIP buyer club, intended to promote the effective docking of domestic and global textile and clothing supply chain enterprises, and promote the development of China's clothing supply chain.
FS "Gloria
FS club member list:
src=FS party
, high-end circle of &mdash, which contains business and pleasure; &mdash, which allows you to make more high-end circle friends in a social atmosphere of both public and private space, leisure and entertainment, and communicate easily with industry people to facilitate business cooperation. .
, FS party some of the brands list
(in alphabetical order):
sign up for a party?
, quota of the FS party is limited to the 60 person . If you are an exhibitor and interested in the activities, please contact the related salesman of the organizer of the exhibition. If you are a brand party, you can contact the person in charge of the activities to consult and understand:

VIP line [consultation] lily@fashionsource.com

The clerk of the first (primary screening conditions: whether its own factory worked; brand):
May 3, 2018: 18:30
Shenzhen City, Futian District Shangri-La Hotel:
[ spring exhibition] more activities, please pay attention!