Up to now, Apparel Fabrics & Accessories FS has been held 20 sessions and it crowns one of China’s three biggest textiles exhibitions. With rich resources and over 600 premium exhibitors joining, FS is a show/ share time for the latest fabrics and the trendiest fashion information.


Rich Industry Resources & Experience

Shenzhen International Exhibition for Apparel Fabrics & Accessories has concluded 20 sessions up to 2018. Through the test of time and market, AFAFS has been making progress and developing in all aspect. Now it becomes one of China’s three biggest textiles exhibitions. In 2018, over 600 premium fabric/apparel accessory enterprises and yarns/ fibre manufacturers joined AFAFS. With a data base of more than 100,000 selected visitors and an accumulation of resources from the specialized market, association and media, AFAFS has now developed into a professional exhibition.


Held on the date of Nov. 30 - Dec. 2, 2017 at SZCEC, the 19th Shenzhen International Exhibition for Apparel Fabrics & Accessories attracts 56,326 selected buyers, who appreciate and are taking advantage of the presence of over 1200 exhibitors from 15 countries and also finalize their seasonal orders. The following well-known enterprises also joined us: Tianjia Textile, Enjoy Textile, Yifang, Tianxiang Textile, Xinchang Silk, Aohua Group, Zhixu Textile, GZ Jiehe Textile, Soyou Textile, Daxin Textile, Zhongcheng Textile, Jiayi Textile & Clothes, King Silk Art, SH Deyi Textile, Jihong Cashmere, Yida Woo Textile, Weijin Textile Technology, Yazhouhong Textile, OMNIAPIEGA, Sanlian Printing & Dyeing, Mozartex, Dongguan Paiho, Erdong Textiles, Kingsafe, Shangming Button, KCC, YKK, Mailida Group...

Package Booth:
                           Mainland China: CNY 1,500/㎡
                           Out of Mainland China: CNY 1,800/㎡
Light  Booth:
                           Mainland China: CNY 1,300/㎡
                           Out of Mainland China: CNY 1,560/㎡
Fashion shows: CNY 50,000/show (The selection will be confirmed after the application and censorship. )
Note:Exhibitors out of mainland China are those who do not have any corporate body in mainland China.