Distinctive Area*-Denim Space³
Distinctive Area*-Denim Space³

Over 70 enterprises of jeanswear, jeans fabrics and jeans washing process join DTFS, which is a platform provided to carry forward the jeans culture, show competitive jeans products, and embrace the charm of jeans.
Exhibits: jeanswear, jeans fabrics; techbniques of dyeing & finishing, washing; jeans related equipment & technology.


Come on! Denim Times!

Come on! Denim Times!
Originated from New Mexico of USA , jeans culture is sweeping over Asia.
Jeans to fashion, it is a attracting lingering mark.
What you need is—innovation.
Jeans culture to the world, it has irreplaceable meanings.
What you need is—environmental protection.
Innovation and environmetal protection become one of the essential elements
—that jeans fabric enterprises has to take into consideration
—that jeans fabric enterprises can prove their competitiveness.
Now what do you want to do?—Come here!


DTFS 2018 has attracted the following jeans enterprises: Junan Jeans Pavilion, Q.Y.S. Textile, Fuxing Garment, Mage Garment, Kaijiesi Garment, Dongrunlong Garment, Yifu Manufacturing, Xuchi Trading, Xijue Garment, Bainalangtian, Wanyin Garment, Jingsuo Textile...

Package Booth:
                           Mainland China: CNY 1,500/㎡
                           Out of Mainland China: CNY 1,800/㎡
Package Booth:
                           Mainland China: CNY 1,300/㎡
                           Out of Mainland China: CNY 1,560/㎡
Fashion shows: CNY 60,000/show (The selection will be confirmed after the application and censorship. )
Note:Exhibitors out of mainland China are those who do not have any corporate body in mainland China.