FASHION SOURCE -- China’s initial exhibition focusing on the clothing supply chain
FS, providing an inspirational showroom for fibre/ yarns enterprises, leads the fashion trend from the very beginning of the clothing industry .


Along with the development of the times, Shenzhen shows its advantages in the field of clothing―strong design force, powerful manufacturing capacity, the foreign trading ability on clothing, and etc.―which comprehensively make SZ one of China’s largest design/ manufacturing bases for fashion brands. Yarns FS, integrating SZ’s advantageous resources, provides an inspirational exhibiting platform for fibre/ yarns enterprises, aiming to help buyers from every part of the chain satisfy the demand for raw materials.


Yarns FS 2018 was joined by the following exhibitors: UPW, Zhondding Textile, Dongqi Enterprise, Xinnuo SH, Jianlu Group, Moro Cashmere, Haiyan Tonky, YIWAGOE Textile, Haoye Textile, Hengshui Xinbo, Yide Textile, Dongguan Jiancheng Textile, Zhejiang Baide Textile, Suzhou Shengshengyuan Textile, Defang Textiles, Hanlian Group(Anhui), Tianwei Cashmere(Anhui), Buntat Group...

Package Booth:
                           Mainland China: CNY 1,500/㎡
                           Out of Mainland China: CNY 1,680/㎡
Light  Booth:
                           Mainland China: CNY 1,300/㎡
                           Out of Mainland China: CNY 1,560/㎡
Fashion shows: CNY 60,000/show (The selection will be confirmed after the application and censorship. )
Note:Exhibitors out of mainland China are those who do not have any corporate body in mainland China.