Leather & Fur FS

LFFS is one of the largest and most influential exhibitions in China, characterising as multi-variety and multi-branding. LFFS has made huge contribution to China’s lerther & fur industry.


Thanks to Shenzhen’s geographical advantages, LFFS had plenty of leather & fur garment manufacturers to join. With a data base of more than 600,000 selected visitors and an accumulation of resources from the specialized market, association and media, AFAFS has now developed into a professional exhibition.


LFFS 2018 has attracted the following leather & fur enterprises:   Ace Fur Manufacturing, W & W Brothers, Lanca Fur, Hong Kong Fur, Chiu’s Fur,
Ouya Fur, Anytime, Dingsheng Apparel, Blueway Fashion, Jingyi Fur, Mise Art, Manlet Apparel, Hn Migao, Siqi HomeFur Fashion, Xuebo Silk Fur, Tiange, Xianying Fashion, SYNGEVERA, Yixuan Fur, SERILENKA, Langqi Fashion, HERDERS, Delsy Embroidery...

Package Booth:
                           Mainland China: CNY 1,500/㎡
                           Out of Mainland China: CNY 1,800/㎡
Light  Booth::
                           Mainland China: CNY 1,300/㎡
                           Out of Mainland China: CNY 1,560/㎡
Fashion shows: CNY 60,000/show (The selection will be confirmed after the application and censorship. )
Note:Exhibitors out of mainland China are those who do not have any corporate body in mainland China.