Leather Fur % ntro

Leather & Fur %:To select premium leather and fur manufacturers

Down Jacket@  Intro

Down Jacket@ :To give free rein to the imagination of the warmth and message down jackets present

Coats Union∑  Intro

Coats Union∑:To present the delicacy of coats and the exquisite workmanship

Package Booth:
                           Mainland China: CNY 1,500/㎡
                           Out of Mainland China: CNY 1,800/㎡
Light  Booth::
                           Mainland China: CNY 1,300/㎡
                           Out of Mainland China: CNY 1,560/㎡
Fashion shows: CNY 60,000/show (The selection will be confirmed after the application and censorship. )
Note:Exhibitors out of mainland China are those who do not have any corporate body in mainland China.