FASHIONSOURCE has more than 10 years accumulation of textile industry and strong database of industry resources.
Based on them, FASHIONSOURCE uses variouschannels for promotion which satisfy exactly different needs of customers.

  • Official WeChat Account

    FASHIONSOURCE Official WeChat Account devotes itself to spreading apparel supply chain dynamics and trends, building a platform for the on-line and off-line communication. It releases and publishes the newest trends, information, exhibitors information as well as exhibits introduction through professional edit, expert guidance, infographic and videos.

  • EDM

    FASHIONSOURCE now has more than 500 thousand audiences and strong database, all of them are well managed and classified. The organizer sends the email about exhibition news, technical articles, videos, information to the enterprises and end users in time. At the meanwhile, it offers the same EDM service to the exhibitors: according to their demands, informative message would be sent to the targeted customers. The service is efficient and accurate, could be used for developing the potential customers and information analysis.


    Cooperate with 70+ medias: Southern Urban Daily, Nanfang Daily, Shenzhen Evening News, SHENZHEN TV, Sina, Tencent News,,,, DiexunFashion, Texindex,, China sweater news,,, C.F.W, etc.

Package Service
Brand Promotion Package A
Quotation: CNY 49,998
Brand Promotion Package B
Q: CNY 19,998
Maximum Order Package A
Q: CNY 29,998
Orders Maximization Package B
Q: CNY 9,998
Free Combination Packages
For details, please call at 0755-82542710.
  • Single tweet release
  • Single tweet writing & release
  • Media release
  • Exlusive feature video (enterprise/ character)
  • Co-promotional video (enterprises)
  • On-site interview
  • Premium exhibitor recommendation(resource exchange)

  •  Premium exhibitor recommendation(LOGO)

Printing (including production)
  • Badge

  • Invitation letter

  • Guidebook

  • Handbag

  • Exhibition catalouge

  • Bottled mineral water

  • Other supporting services

  • Coffee

  • Custom-made coffee cup

On-site Ad(including priduction)
  • Hanging flag (inside halls)

  • Banner on the guardrail

  • Step risers

  • Carpet decal

  • Ad along the overbridge

  • KT board on esclators

  • Ad board on the north square

  • Balloons

  • Flags on lamposts

  • Truss ad on the 2nd floor

  • East/ west curtain wall

  • Ad board at the north square flag zone

  • Curtain wall above the north gate

  • Curtain wall above the aisle bwteen hall 1 and hall 2

EDM Email

EDM email to 50,000 visitors
EDM email to 100,000 visitors

Apply for Promotion Programs

Please call at 0755-82542710 for details.